Tips For Shopping On Resell Apps

Personally I believe Vinted, Depop and eBay are fantastic not just as a platform to sell unwanted goods but as a shopper.

It’s a win for your wardrobe, wallet and the environment. We all want to do our bit and this is a way which benefits the seller, customer and planet.

So I’ve written this blog with tips to help this experience feel less overwhelming and give you direction so you get the best out of these apps!

The One That Got Away

Gone shopping in need of something specific, tried on a random piece, it looks amazing but you can’t justify it?  There’s no suitable occasion, you have something similar or just can’t afford such a luxury.

So you snap a few pics as memories, sigh and put the piece away. Always a bit sad you never indulged.

These can be the perfect things to look for. They’ll be a little cheaper on there which’ll help justify the purchase. And maybe by the time you find it, the planets will have aligned for you and that piece.

If you have taken a mirror picture of yourself in it, that’s the perfect evidence to help you put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and find that item.

Many of these apps have categories you can use to level it down: brand, colour, size for example. You can even choose what condition you’d prefer the item to be in (new with tags etc).

It also helps to write keywords in the search bar. Perhaps ‘petite’ will help or the style of the piece such as ‘midi smock dress’.

Same Piece in a Different Colour

Clients often feel embarrassed that they have the same thing in different colours or even complain that their partner’s wardrobe is like this but I believe it’s a great thing.

If you have found a style that you feel fantastic in, why not have lots of it?! Just make sure that each different colour of it is the right one for you.

The shape and style fitting you well is your magic formula! Different colours will make the combinations feel unique. Play around with matching and clashing shades, textures and patterns.

There’s a cardigan I love in a minty colour. The cropped fit flatters my body and I get lots of compliments. I hunted down a bright yellow version which enjoy pairing with different pieces than the cooler mint.

I tried on a shirt dress in orange I really liked but I was on a budget at the time so decided to let it go. When the same brand released a version in blue corduroy I jumped on it immediately and now I wear it all the time.

When I started shopping on resell apps, the orange dress was one of my first searches. Thinner fabric lets me wear it in warmer seasons than the corduroy, meaning I can enjoy that style throughout the year.

Image credit: Unsplash
Replacing Damaged Goods

It’s so sad when we lose an item we love to the wear and tear of life. Perhaps there’s a stain we just can’t get out, maybe our pet has made an unrepairable hole or we’ve just worn it so much, it’s barely hanging together.

These are great practical things to look for. Find it again, swear to love it and never let harm come in its way. Read the care instructions before washing and don’t wear that white jumper to your favourite Italian restaurant.

Just like the one that got away, you’ll know exactly what to search for. And maybe get lucky enough to find someone selling it still in mint condition.

I’ve found a brand of boots I like that’s super comfortable. But all that shopping I do wears holes into the heels very fast. It would be expensive if I replaced these boots constantly at full price so I buy them on resell apps instead.

*I know this is coming from a Personal Stylist* but having more shoes means you won’t wear one pair to death. You spread out the wear and keep them all alive longer this way.

It may feel more expensive but you’ll save money from having to replace them all the time and have more of a varied wardrobe in the process. I have my boot in a few different colours and try and give them all equal wear.

Menswear at Liberty London
Discover New Brands

There are brands out there that may be the perfect fit for us but are out of our budget. On a resell app you can find items that may be in perfect condition with a more palatable price tag.

Personally I don’t mind if it’s been worn a couple of times but still looks good. Give it a wash and that Gucci gown is all yours!

My tip is to still try it on if you can. Some apps like Vinted don’t let you refund a piece unless there’s something seriously wrong with it. So I do suggest only buying things you’re confident are good.

Got out to that shop you wouldn’t usually go to and give it a try, take a picture and make note and then see if you can find it online. Or the other way around, if you see something on an app which you know is still in store, go out and try it first.

Just like in person vintage shopping, you may find a treasure from the past. I love exploring these apps and seeing what’s available and there’s definitely a lot of great finds out there.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and are set on your path into the exciting world of resell!

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