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In-person only

Personal Styling Services

Fashion is part of our everyday and I believe Personal Styling services should be accessible for everyone! From colour analysis to wardrobe edits and personal shopping experiences, it’s easy to get started—without breaking the bank—and with immediate impact.

Choose: Style Personality / Colour & Body Analysis / Wardrobe Edit / Seasonal Trend Edit / Personal Shopping

Style Personality

NEW / Up to 1 hour / £99 / £80 for Members*Online video call

The perfect way to start your journey by learning how to express your personality and find your style identity. If you’re not sure what you like, feel a little lost or stuck, Natasha will help you discover your fashion foundations.

💭 finally find the answer to “what’s my style?”

💻 tailored one-to-one video consultation

🎶 help you translate your lifestyle, interests and tastes into your style

✨ feel heard while getting fresh fashion inspiration

🕺 discover new aesthetics, eras and styles for you

🛍️ ideal in advance of a Wardrobe Edit or Personal Shopping experience

🏡 online video call from the comfort of your home

🗒️ take away personalised style notes for reference

🕑 up to one hour one-to-one session

👋 FREE Discovery Call beforehand for all first-time customers

“For someone who has perhaps lost their way a little in the world of fashion and wanted to reboot a bit it was a fantastic session. I would highly recommend Natasha to anyone looking for the same!” — Katie

Personal Styling Services: Colour & Body Analysis by Natasha Itzcovitz

Colour & Body Analysis

Up to 1 hour / £99 / £80 for Members*Group & Corporate parties available

An enlightening session with Natasha to understand what works best for your body shape, and learn the ideal colour palette for your complexion and personality. It’s an essential and powerful tool to make styling and shopping for yourself so much easier.

🧬 private personalised analysis session

☀️ identify your primary colour palette by ‘season’

🎨 colour matching with a range of fabric drapes

🍭 get a free colour chart with each session, or upgrade to a colour fan

🪄 learn how to combine colours and make them work for you

✨ special advice for your skin tone to unlock tips for shopping, make-up, hair and jewellery

😄 personality questions to further tailor results

🍎 understand your body shape to confidently find the right fit and get a free body guide

🏡 at your home, a neutral venue, or online

🕐 up to one hour one-to-one session

👋 FREE Discovery Call beforehand for all first-time customers

👫 group sessions available

🎁 gift the experience to someone

Personal Styling Services: Colour & Body Analysis by Natasha Itzcovitz

“Having my colours matched was such an eye-opening experience. The in-depth explanation behind the matching meant I left the session confident that I knew why my colours are indeed my colours.” — Leo

Wardrobe Edit by Natasha Itzcovitz

Wardrobe Edit

Up to 2 hours / £180 / £144 for Members*Available in-person or online

Breathe fresh life into the clothes you already own, especially for those pieces you don’t know what to do with. Natasha’s eye and experience for identifying styles will help you discover new outfits you may never have considered!

👖 holistic view of your existing wardrobe

💡 creative solutions to make new outfits from what you have

👍 assess items you ‘dislike’ to either discover new ways to wear or decide to give away and replace

✨ establish key pieces that are missing from your wardrobe

🛍️ ideal in advance of a Personal Shopping experience

🥰 general tips and advice on how to select the best clothes for you

🤲 handover your unwanted items for pre-loved resell or charity donation

🏡 at your home, a neutral venue, or online

🕑 up to two hours one-to-one session

⏳ any additional overtime charged pro rata

👋 FREE Discovery Call beforehand for all first-time customers

🎁 gift the experience to someone

Wardrobe Edit by Natasha Itzcovitz

“After our wardrobe edit, I feel so much more confident when out shopping. I’ve never felt so sure about what I’m doing!” — Caroline

Seasonal Trend Edit

NEW / Up to 1.5 hours / £180 / £144 for Members / Online video call

A brand new one-to-one fashion workshop with Natasha to bring this season’s top styles to your wardrobe! If you’ve wanted to take inspiration from the latest trends but don’t know how to make it work for you, try this fun, educational, personalised journey to get started.

🆕 Trend Edit topics refreshed every season

this season’s trends for FW23: Metallic, Gothic, Balletcore, Y2K, Varsity

🧑‍🏫 learn about the current fashion trends ready for the new season

👘 work with and reference your existing wardrobe

💡 creative solutions and advice with the clothes you have

🥰 specialised tips for you

✨ identify key pieces to add to your wardrobe

🛍️ ideal in advance of a Personal Shopping experience

💻 online video call from the comfort of your home

🕑 up to 1.5 hours one-to-one session

👋 FREE Discovery Call beforehand for all first-time customers

“Natasha is very patient, innovative and friendly. She helped me find outfits within my existing wardrobe that were very fashionable but felt like ‘me’!” — Alandra

Personal Shopping Experience by Natasha Itzcovitz

Personal Shopping

Up to 3 hours / £240 / £192 for Members*Available in-person or online

Always a fun and inspiring day out, the shopping trip is tailored to your taste and personality, colours and shape, occasion or need, in an area that suits you. Discover new brands and districts, curated by Natasha just for you, and try pre-selected pieces in a comforting and encouraging atmosphere.

😎 a guided shopping trip designed just for you

💕 discover new pieces, styles, fits, colours, brands, districts

✨ stores chosen just for you — no sponsored brands or commissions!

👘 garments pre-reserved for you to try on

🪄 learn about the clothes that work best for you by demonstration

🔄 ideal after changes to your body or lifestyle

👔 ideal in preparation for special occasions (e.g. weddings, interviews, etc.)

🤝 at a destination chosen together

☕ session starts at a café in the area to set out goals for the day

🕒 up to three hours one-to-one session

🛒 also available online with personalised moodboard and video call

👋 FREE Discovery Call beforehand for all first-time customers

🎁 gift the experience to someone

Personal Shopping Experience by Natasha Itzcovitz

“I’ve never had a Personal Stylist before and I was really put at ease by Natasha who made our shopping experience so pleasant and valuable. I found her very easy to trust.” — Jack

Style Subscriptions

* With a monthly membership, you’ll truly have your very own Personal Stylist at your fingertips. Choose from 3 tiers to benefit from perks including monthly styling sessions, Member discounts, personalised suggestions, anytime messaging and a FREE notepad when you sign up!

Natasha Itzcovitz Personal Styling

Gift Vouchers

Gift your loved ones a voucher to redeem for any of my Personal Styling services! Your lucky recipient will get a personalised message and invitation to arrange their session at their convenience. Whatever the occasion, try the gift of style!

Natasha Itzcovitz Personal Styling

Colour Party
for Groups & Corporate

4–8 people / 2 hours / £200 / Any venue or workplace

Group sessions are so much fun! Whether you’re after a team-bonding activity with colleagues, or hosting a party for friends and family, Colour Analysis works a treat with company. If you have any bespoke needs or ideas, get in touch and let’s design your perfect event!

🌈 introductory talk about fashion and colour analysis

☀️ identify your primary colour palette by ‘season’

🎨 colour matching with a range of fabric drapes

🪑 each participant gets a turn in the hot-seat

🍿 interactive dialogue and support with the group throughout

🍭 get a free colour chart with each session to take away

✨ individual tips and advice for your skin tone

😄 personality questions to further tailor results

👫 ideal for 4–8 people (or choose bespoke)

🕐 up to two hours (or choose bespoke)

🏡 at your home, office or a neutral venue

Group & Corporate Colour Party by Natasha Itzcovitz

“Everyone loved it! The team were smiling ear to ear as they came alive through the different shades she presented. A really fun team building activity!” — Paul, Literal Humans

Bespoke Service

If you’d like to combine, merge or pick and mix from my Personal Styling services, we can do just that. Nothing is ever one-size-fits-all, and together we can craft the perfect session for you. Whether you fancy just a Colour Analysis and a mini Personal Shop, or perhaps looking to compile an ultimate wishlist from a custom Wardrobe Edit, just get in touch!


Is Personal Styling for me?

I offer Personal Styling services for everyone!

That’s one of my key goals as a stylist, that it’s accessible to every demographic, given that clothes are an essential, everyday part of our lives.

My services are affordable, laid-back and fun! Be it a consultancy session or shopping experience, my endeavour is to open your eyes and equip you with the right tools to understand your body and personality better. Our goal is simply to help you discover joy and confidence in what you wear and how you dress.

What kind of people do you style?

I style clients of any gender in any stage of life.

From those who don’t know what to look for when they shop, or aren’t sure how to wear what they already own, to those with too little time to secure their outfits for the upcoming season, or need help with a specific outfit for an event or occasion—everyone is welcome.

Where do you hold your Personal Styling sessions?

I am based in London, and all sessions can be conducted in-person or online via Zoom.

Colour & Body Analysis and Wardrobe Edits are usually held in the comfort of your home. Visits elsewhere can also be accommodated depending on your needs—please don’t hesitate to ask. (Addresses outside of London may incur a travel fee.)

Personal Shopping experiences are held at an agreed destination that we chose to suit your style and budget. Shopping districts such as Oxford Street and Regents Street, Selfridges, Westfield and Brent Cross are popular choices. Trips typically start at a café in the area, before I guide you into a variety of stores where pre-selected garments await you!

This is my first time. How does it work?

Welcome! All first-time customers get a FREE Discovery Call before our session.

The Discovery Call is a video call, up to 30 minutes, where we can introduce ourselves to each other and I understand your styling needs and lifestyle to best prepare for our first session. It’s also a chance for you to ask me any further questions you might have.

All the details for my each of my different services are outlined here, and when you’re ready to get in touch please submit this simple booking form.

Can I gift a service or buy a voucher?


Personal Styling makes a perfect gift for friends, loved ones or colleagues. Just click the ‘gift’ option in the booking form, or buy a voucher worth any value you like.

How long have you been styling for?

I completed my undergraduate degree in Fashion Design in 2014. Since that time I have been styling in all sorts of settings, from commercial and editorial photoshoots to visual merchandising in retail environments. I have benefited from all of my experiences and I am so excited to share my skills and knowledge with you!

Even before that, and indeed to this day, I have been styling friends and family non-stop! Fashion is my life and nothing makes me happier than helping people look and feel great in what they wear.

Do I have to buy any clothes at our session?

That’s totally up to you.

The main aim of my sessions is to arm you with the right tools and information to understand your body and style better.

During a Personal Shopping experience, you will be presented with pieces that I select for you to try—to demonstrate what we’ve learned together—and there is no pressure or obligation to buy. Having said that, any destination we visit will have been chosen taking into account your budget and the garments will have been reserved for you, so they’ll be ready for you to purchase if you so wish!

From a Wardrobe Edit, we will have identified a personal shopping wishlist for you to go away with.

I do not make any commission from any retailer that I introduce to you.

Can I mix and match services to suit my needs?

Absolutely. Please get in touch and we’ll work out the best solution for you!

Maybe you’d like to merge different Personal Styling services into one session, hand-pick a few aspects, or adjust the duration of a service. I know that everyone’s circumstance, and indeed style, is unique.

Can I book sessions with my friends?

Yes, group sessions are so much fun!

With family or friends, housemates or colleagues, Personal Styling sessions work a treat in numbers as well as one-on-one.

I also run Colour Parties—perfect for events, birthdays or corporate team-building—where each participant gets a turn in the hot-seat for a go at Colour Analysis with me.

I’m looking for a Personal Stylist to consult with regularly.

Great! My monthly Style Subscriptions are just for you.

Become a member to access personalised suggestions picked for you every month, and fashion advice whenever you need with Anytime Messaging. Find more details here.

What Covid precautions do you follow?

Any government guidance at the time will be followed, and further information may be communicated with you prior to the session.

Please do not hesitate to inform me of any measures (e.g. advance tests or face masks) that would make you feel more comfortable and I will be happy to oblige.

Are you on social media?

Of course! Follow me on Instagram, TikTok, YouTubeFacebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

“There’s really nothing better than knowing that your wardrobe is right for you. I truly believe Personal Styling is for everyone. It shouldn’t be a luxury, but as accessible and worthwhile as getting a haircut!” — Natasha