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Style Personality

Style Personality with Natasha Itzcovitz

Up to 1 hour / £99 / £80 for Members / Online video call

The perfect way to start your journey by learning how to express your personality and find your style identity. If you’re not sure what you like, feel a little lost or stuck, Natasha will help you discover your fashion foundations.

💭 finally find the answer to “what’s my style?”

💻 tailored one-to-one video consultation

🎶 help you translate your lifestyle, interests and tastes into your style

✨ feel heard while getting fresh fashion inspiration

🕺 discover new aesthetics, eras and styles for you

🛍️ ideal in advance of a Wardrobe Edit or Personal Shopping experience

🏡 online video call from the comfort of your home

🌞 available on weekdays, evenings, weekends, anywhere in the world

🗒️ take away personalised style notes for reference

🕑 up to one hour one-to-one session

👋 FREE Discovery Call beforehand for all first-time customers

Style Personality with Natasha Itzcovitz

“For someone who has perhaps lost their way a little in the world of fashion and wanted to reboot a bit it was a fantastic session. I would highly recommend Natasha to anyone looking for the same!” — Katie

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