Personal Styling

Wardrobe Edit

Wardrobe Edit by Natasha Itzcovitz

Up to 2 hours / £199 / £159 for Members / Available in-person or online

Breathe fresh life into the clothes you already own, especially for those pieces you don’t know what to do with. Natasha’s eye and experience for identifying styles will help you discover new outfits you may never have considered!

👖 holistic view of your existing wardrobe

💡 creative solutions to make new outfits from what you have

👍 discover new ways to re-love those old or tricky items you own

🌬️ gentle push to give away or discard unwanted pieces

✨ establish key pieces that are missing from your wardrobe

🛍️ ideal in advance of a Personal Shopping experience

🥰 general tips and styling advice on how to select the best clothes for you

🏡 at your home, a neutral venue, or online

🌞 available on weekdays, evenings and weekends

🕑 up to two hours one-to-one session

⏳ any additional overtime charged pro rata

👋 FREE Discovery Call beforehand for all first-time customers

Wardrobe Edit by Natasha Itzcovitz

“After our wardrobe edit, I feel so much more confident when out shopping. I’ve never felt so sure about what I’m doing!” — Caroline

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