My Fall Winter 24/25 Fashion Month Trends

Fall Winter 24/25 Fashion Month has just ended so I’m sharing which trends I’ve identified so you can try them right away or later in the year.

As ever, I haven’t been sponsored to write this. Shout out to Vogue for providing the catwalk pictures!

This blog is also a Youtube video! If you’d like to see me explain these with extra pics and plenty of arm waving, you can watch that here 🙂

Tomato and Maroon
Laquan Smith, Botega Veneta, Prabal Gurung, Balmain
Laquan Smith, Botega Veneta, Prabal Gurung, Balmain

Red is very big now, coming in from Winter 23 and will continue it’s popularity in Summer 24. Now it looks like Winter 24 to 5 we’ll be sporting tomato looks too.

So if you’ve been buying this shade in the highstreet, you’ll be fashionable for a while it seems. Woo!

This is the bright Spring red, whole outfits of it were on the runways and pops of it here and there in pieces too. Perfect for memorability and adding a dash of passion to your outfits.

What I have noticed is that along side this shade, a deeper burgandy maroon is also gaining traction. 

This is good if you like a red but the Spring shade is too bright for you. Burgandy is good for cooler skin tones like Winter or Summer as it has a pinkier undertone than the golden undertone of a Spring shade.

Barbie and Blush
Stella McCartney, Marques' Almeida, Michael Kors, MSGM
Stella McCartney, Marques' Almeida, Michael Kors, MSGM

Another shade that’s been trendy for a while and looks like it isn’t stopping is pink. A bright Barbie shade and a light blushy tone dominated many looks .

It’s a sweet colour that you can lean into or perhaps just enjoy the shade in some more plainer styles. Frills and bows aren’t the only way to express your pink, you may prefer the colour in a more simple shape.

Personally I love clashing it with reds. The runway had some of this and we also saw it paired with black for a good contrast. Pink is a warm loving tone and a great way of injecting some love into your looks.

Mustard and Moss
Emilia Wickstead, Ermanno Scervino, Cinq a Sept, Ulla Johnson
Emilia Wickstead, Ermanno Scervino, Cinq a Sept, Ulla Johnson

Mustard and moss continued to appear down the runways and it makes a lot of sense. These are both Autumnal shades which are rich and earthy and great to snuggle in. Feeling relaxed in the mutedness.

I saw them both alone in single tone outfits and together as combinations. Coming from the same palette they tend to match nicely together. Throw in all your Autumnal shades at once for a layered look. Perhaps a plum, burnt orange and brown to compliment your rich khaki and golden mustard.

Leopard print
Ester Manas, Isabel Marant, Zimmermann, Alexander McQueen
Ester Manas, Isabel Marant, Zimmermann, Alexander McQueen

This is a fabric I personally like a lot and I feel as though I saw in quite a few collections. This could be related to the ‘Mob Wife’ trend coming around at the moment, inspiried by the loud luxury of the wives of gangsters. 

Many personal stylists say leopard print is a neutral and I do agree. The tan underside lends itself as a base to most colours and the print being black means these two non colour shades can take lots of colour with it. 

Leopard with a splash of trendy red is always a winner but do experiement with a bold and bright colour to contrast. Even a denim blue is enough.

I saw a few leopard prints with a red background too which is also cool. Less neutral of course but a good combo of both trends. Nice and punchy and quite edgy. 

Plaid, tartan, check
Libertine, Loewe, Vivetta, Versace
Libertine, Loewe, Vivetta, Versace

Speaking of edgy, there was quite a lot of tartans, checks, plaid and tweed on the runways. These are cooler season fabrics so perfect really.

Yes these more alternative fabrics grunged up many looks but also looked ladylike in simple chic maxi dresses. An almost unexpected garment choice for the fabric. We’re more used to seeing a pleated skirt or flannel shirt.

Plenty of tweedy checks gave more of a studious vibe too. Perfect if you like the preppy acedima style. A bit of posh retro glamor to it as well. Punks and preps rejoice!

Fur and leather
Gabriela Hurst, Prada, David Koma, Balmain, Gabriela Hurst
Gabriela Hurst, Prada, David Koma, Balmain, Gabriela Hurst

Moving on to texture, there was plenty of fluff and fur which of course is perfect for the keeping warm and still feeling glamorous in the Winter. Again ‘mob wives’ do enjoy the excess of a fur coat too.

We saw plenty of fluffy coats to snuggle up in, in a variety of shades and shapes but the fluff was also used for other items such as dresses, skirts, tops, anything you can imagine.

Fur was also a trim on many pieces for that touch of texture. It also is yet another vintage nod. I read that Prada was using faux fur and I’m hoping more of the designers were following thier lead too.

Leather was all over the runways also, like fur in whole dresses and outfits. Typically all in one colour. Perhaps another link to that gangster wife.

This can fabric be quite edgy if you’re taking it biker style or classy and elegant if you go for those vintage shapes to show off your curves. I do hope it was an abundance of faux leather on the runways. And if you like this texture, I’m sure you can find many not animal versions.

Feben, Marco Rambaldi, Cecile Bahnsen, Simone Rocha
Feben, Marco Rambaldi, Cecile Bahnsen, Simone Rocha

There’s always something on the catwalk that’s seasonally impractical and the sheer was that high fashion fun.

This was in shirts, dresses, skirts and provided both a sexiness and a cute innocence.

Sheer is an interesting fabric to play with as you can experiment with layering, what is seen under. Whether that’s the curve of the body or another fabric beneath. This is what helps you wear it in colder times. What you pair it over and alongside.

Many sheers had embellishment added to them for extra interest as well as lace. This is a lovely fabric and it’s nice to be able to enjoy that feeling all year long too.

Cable and quirky knits
Etro, Alexander McQueen, Monse, Moschino, Coperni
Etro, Alexander McQueen, Monse, Moschino, Coperni

The cable knit made many appearances in collections. A perfect Autumn Winter texture. It’s nice to see seasonally appropriate fabrics like this!

There’s something nice about a cable in particular, the look of handmadeness to it. Perhaps with many retro styles, there’s a feeling of old school fabrics being celebrated and reimagined also.

Many of the knits I noticed had a bit of a quirk to them too. A fun design or texture into them. Matchy knitted sets and unexpected shapes as well which is always fun too see. I like to see a knit experimented with and it certainly was this season.

It’s a nice way of adding personality and being practical. Let’s be real, if you’re in England you’ll be wearing your knitwear pretty much all year long so it’s nice to have a range that let’s you show off your personality and stay snuggly.

Long scarves and capes
Tommy Hilfiger, Chloe, Etro, Alberta Ferretti, Gauchere
Tommy Hilfiger, Chloe, Etro, Alberta Ferretti, Gauchere

One Winter accessory that kept popping up was the scarf. And that scarf tended to be very long, folded over once so it was just over the shoulder.

A great way to add drama to a look and actually keep warm which we love to see. Practicality and unpracticality. A toasty neck but the constant worry of triping over your own scarf.

I think these pieces are great wardrobe staples to have. It’s a nice way of adding a touch of colour if a whole outfit feels scary. And it’s yet another texture in a look.

Very long of course is hard to pull off. For a smaller person you may look overwhelmed so maybe just get a regular scarf and do the catwalk fold over. It is however opitcally nice as it is a long line running along side your body which is lengthening.

A friend of the scarf, the cape came up so much on the catwalks. Capes in a scarfish way around the shoulders. Capes built into the structure of the clothing, capes long and short. Cute cape coats. Capes over evening dresses. 

Maxi skirts
Burberry, Meryll Rogge, Ferrari, Susan Fang, Elie Saab
Burberry, Meryll Rogge, Ferrari, Susan Fang, Elie Saab

Another item to snuggle in is the maxi skirt. Personally I love keeping my legs warm in these. Great if you’re not a trouser person too.

Length wise we saw many go to the floor or the ankles. Style wise there was of course the pleated skirt, many of which had a very high slit. A good way for our bodies not to get too lost under the fabric.

The A-line skirt, in keeping with the retroness, tended to be big and oversized. Really nice drama and a good way of adding more curve to your bottom half to balance out your top if you are top heavy.

Lots of skirts were in the column shape wheather that’s in a sheer, knit, silky, denim or tartan. These skirts were a long line of texture and great paired with a plain chunky knit to add that bit of fun.

Funky tights
Richard Quinn, Isabel Marant, Miu miu, Rabanne, Yuhan Wang
Richard Quinn, Isabel Marant, Miu miu, Rabanne, Yuhan Wang

You can also keep your legs warm in a funky tight. There was an array of colours and patterns some of which matching outfits or the perfect stand out accompniment.

This season we’re seeing the red tight becoming a key accesory and later in the year we will be decorating our legs in lots of leopard, white, lace embelishment and colours.

They really added another element to the catwalk looks and even became the stars of quite a few outfits. I think they’ll be a really fun accessory to experiment with and even base outfits on in the cooler times.

Perhaps your legs are your favourite part to show off, stick a funky tight on and keep your outfit more subdued. This’ll draw attention and show personality that may feel less scary. You can experiment with colours here too and keep the rest of your outfit more plain.

Chanel, Ermano Scervino, Alberta Ferretti, Erdem, Vivetta
Chanel, Ermano Scervino, Alberta Ferretti, Erdem, Vivetta

Quite a few slip dresses and other lingerie style items graced the runways. These nightwear and undergarment styles took clothing typically hidden and showed them off.

Slip dresses are great for that 90’s grunge throw back, especially with a top layered under. Recent years sees them dressed up and worn out to smarter occasions and we saw this continued on the runway.

I always enjoy seeing items with their contexts changed and it’s nice to see lingerie feeling different and paired with things like suit pieces, a polar opposite.

Last season we had many pant-type items which we still saw for FW 24 but we also saw many bra-type pieces on the runways. Some part of matching sets and others contrasting against smarter clothing.

Dolce & Gabanna, Schiaparelli, Sandy Lang, Patou, Laquan Smith
Dolce & Gabanna, Schiaparelli, Sandy Lang, Patou, Laquan Smith

Suits and tailoring loomed this Fall Winter 2024. In particular the tuxedo was a key theme and many designers did their own thing with bits of it.

It’s recognisable lapel popped up a lot in various collections. The jacket was oversized, cut down and cropped and even turned into jumpsuits.

The cumberband (pleated belt) featured in many outfits and I’m sure it will be something you can buy in the highstreet. Both as a fashion belt as well as part of a formal suit this Winter.

Always nice to see a different style of accessory trend and I think this could be really cool taken away from the suit. Worn with un-suity pieces like a frilly skirt and t-shirt. Really play with mixing it up.

Another suit part was the waistcoat, already a trendy piece that will continue to get expereimented with. I saw many waistcoat dresses both long and short on the runways. Cute and smart, great paired with the classic shirt and tie or a more informal under top.

I also saw matchy suits in typical suiting fabrics. But with cuter shapes like shorts and mini skirts feeling more 60’s retro. Skirt suits in general, many in a retro ladylike style like a pencil skirt or A-line. And suits in those big oversized mensy shapes.

Bows and ribbons
Bora Aksu, Coach,Prada, Richard Quinn, Yuhan Wang,
Bora Aksu, Coach,Prada, Richard Quinn, Yuhan Wang,

Another current trend not going anywhere, just gaining more traction. Bows tended to be used as ties, closures and as part of the structures of clothing, big and small.

The ribbon is the perfect girly detail to add to items without having to wear an ultra feminine sillhouette. You could just have bows all along a boxy shape and still feel sweet yet comfortable.

If you’re into this now there’s an abundance on the high street! You can also buy ribbons at many craft stores and customise your own pieces.

Layering hoodies and hoods
Rave Review, Aaron Esh, Michael Kors, Del Core, Lapointe
Rave Review, Aaron Esh, Michael Kors, Del Core, Lapointe

The hood appeared over and over again in different ways. It was a layering item, under different jackets and on it’s own. I always think this is perfect in colder seasions to add a slither of fun over a lapel.

Different jackets is what makes it interesting. The unexpected two different worlds of sporty and smart. That tuxedo is the perfect unlikely pairing, making it feel less stuffy and smart.

The hood itself didn’t even need a full hoodie. There were many floating hoods which is a great way of keeping warm and taking your favourite bit of the hoodie and putting it with whatever you want. With an evening dress perhaps?

Hoods were encorparted into the shapes and structures of garments. Many dresses seemed to have a hood in them. Perfect if it’s rainy but you want to look nice too. Just pop that hood up and strut!

I hope you enjoyed this and even though these collections were designed for this coming Winter 2024, I hope they can give you all around inspiriation.

Many of these things are available now and you can totally get started. So happy shopping and styling.

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