What is Style Personality?

“I don’t know what my style is…” is a regular issue that many of my clients come to me with.

So I’ve created a service which is here to help answer that question and set you up for your style journey with clarity!

Style Personality is a fantastic styling service to start with. We’ll set you up with a clear foundation of what direction suits your personality and works for your tastes!

How it works

You’ll have an hour-long video call with me from the comfort of your home whenever suits you (so get cosy). This is a relaxed chat in which I’ll get to know you and help you find how you can express your personality into fashion.

It may be that your taste in music can unlock something in your personal style, or perhaps a particular past era resonates with you. Whatever your key ingredients are, we’ll find out how to make them work for your lifestyle and discuss what your own personal mix of them looks like.

You’ll come away with a knowledge of which brands to look out for who have your vibe and are accessible to you. And, most importantly, the feeling of excitement and inspiration that’ll leave you eager to get going! Be that jumping on Pinterest to save a ton of inspo pics or dive straight into online shopping.

Style Personality with Natasha

Whether it’s ahead of a specific milestone, or helping you rework your wardrobe for a new life change, I’m here to help anybody find and express their identity with a Style Personality experience.

Find out more about Style Personality and my other styling services here, or get in touch with me, book a free discovery consultation and I’d be delighted to chat with you!